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Magnetic Signs

Signarama's magnetic signs deliver a powerful message and can be removed or shared among several vehicles. The portability and relatively inexpensive cost of these effective magnetic signs make them popular for a variety of businesses.


Our design experts have experience with many types of vehicle lettering, both permanent and temporary, which gives us the expertise to guide and advise you with all your design elements from color selection to font and logo placement. We use the finest, most durable materials that are both weather and UV (ultra violet) resistant to avoid fading. Making sure your signs are readable from all directions we help you design a set of three signs for the driver's side, passenger's side, and rear. The rear magnetic sign statistically enjoys more readership than the side pair, which is why this is often recommended by our professional staff.

If your cars are working at night, or parked in a high traffic area, Signarama can create custom car magnetic signs in Houston for you using reflective material to make sure your magnetic signs are always visible. Similar to what you may be familiar with on emergency or construction vehicles, reflective material allows light from headlamps to illuminate your company's message and logos even in the dark! The materials, either premium or reflective, are designed to resist weathering.

Magnetics are usually sold in sizes such as 12" x 18", 12" x 24", 18" x 24". Signarama Houston City will help you choose the right size for your make and model of the vehicle and assist in making sure it fits and adheres appropriately.

Popular Applications include:

  • Landscaper

  • Real estate agents

  • Insurance professionals

  • Private investigators

  • Florists

  • Pizza delivery cars

  • Surveyors

  • County and state employees

  • Pool maintenance professionals


Roofing and Remodeling magnetic vehicle sign
Driven Landscapes, Inc. magnetic vehicle sign


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