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Custom illuminated signage provides some of the most eye-catching and sophisticated options available in the industry.


Industries and businesses of all types, from fuel stations to department stores, benefit from custom Illuminated signs. Custom illuminated signs have a great impact and provide effective advertising day and night. Our LED displays are the brightest available which means that they can compete with the sun and last years into the future.


To help you reap the benefits of Illuminated signs, Signarama Houston City is pleased to offer a site survey, discuss your needs, and help you determine what options can best accomplish your unique objectives. We are always happy to provide expert recommendations to fulfill your needs, meet your budget and exceed your expectations.


Interior Illuminated signs are of great benefit for your business when used in airports, malls, and office buildings. They are particularly effective when used for directory signs and advertisements.


Custom Business Signs.png
PopCorn sign
haven secondary
Custom illuminated signs


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