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Channel Letters

Channel Letters or 3-D Signs are the most impactful signage for your storefront of your business.


These three dimensional signs can be back-lit for impact day or night. Make sure your business is found whether in a busy shopping center or along a busy street.


A standard Signarama Houston City channel letter signs is a 3-dimensional graphic sign element. Our channel letters are fabricated from aluminum since it will not rust and can stand up to outside elements. The inside of the "can" or the shape that forms the letter or logo can be painted and fitted with any lighting components necessary such as neon gas tubes or light-emitting diode (LED) modules.

Add a translucent plastic face for the letters or logo made of a thick sheet acrylic or polycarbonate for durability and you have a highly visible and dimensional letter signage in Houston ready to install.


Signarama Houston City is there every step of the way, from concept to installation, we are ready to assist you.


20170512_162158_resized NEWLY INSTALLED.
three dimensional signs
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Channel Letters
Signarama Houston City channel letter


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